An Exceptional School.
An Extraordinary Vision.

A Transformational Investment
in the Jewish Future.

Sinai Akiba Academy took a remarkable step forward in securing a sustainable and vibrant future.

We are proud to announce that by virtue of an extraordinary endowment gift by the Alice and Nahum Lainer Family Foundation, we are thrilled to rename our School in their honor.

Beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year, Sinai Akiba Academy will officially be known as Alice and Nahum Lainer School!

Alice and Nahum Lainer are longtime leaders, visionaries, and lifelong advocates for Jewish education.

Their transformational gift will ensure that more Jewish families have access to the exceptional education Sinai Akiba provides. Their generosity will reverberate throughout the Jewish community for generations to come.

“What we treasure we must transmit; our sacred task is to hand on our heritage to the generations that follow.” — Rabbi David Wolpe


About Alice and Nahum Lainer

“The existence of the Jewish people will be extended as long as the Jewish people study and learn. Jewish education is the reason that the Jewish faith still exists” said Simha Lainer, Nahum’s father, in a 2003 Jewish Journal interview.

As leading philanthropists in the community, Alice and Nahum Lainer hold Sinai Akiba Academy close to their hearts. “We inherited our passion for education from our parents,” the Lainers said.

In the founding years in what was then Akiba Academy, Nahum served as the School’s fourth Board Chair and was deeply involved in the business and financial structure of the School. He was also instrumental in hiring our past two Heads of School and he currently serves on the Sinai Temple Board. To this day, Alice and Nahum continue to serve on committees and work tirelessly for Sinai Akiba Academy.

The Lainers have been important contributors to almost every initiative at Sinai Akiba including: making the lead gift in the joint 2008 Sinai Temple Centennial/Sinai Akiba Middle School Renovation Campaign by naming the Alice and Nahum Lainer Learning Center; making the lead gift in the Generations Endowment Campaign; and making the 2015 matching gift for the J-STEAM Program for math and science education. The Lainers have also supported education at Sinai Temple including the Alice and Nahum Lainer Learn and Lunch and the Sinai Temple Israel Fund.

Alice and Nahum are proud members of our alumni parent and grandparent communities. All three of their children—Gary, Leslie and Nancy—attended Sinai Akiba Academy. Notably, Gary Lainer has served as Board Chair for the last four years, and he has led the School in creating our current strategic financial plan. His wife, Lisa Lainer, served on Sinai Akiba Academy’s Board for three years and is an active leader in the School’s Development and Recruitment Committees. Two of Alice and Nahum’s grandchildren, Sophie and Samuel, are Sinai Akiba alumni and their youngest grandchild, Daniel, currently attends Sinai Akiba as a rising fourth grader.

An extraordinary vision

What this Gift Means for our School and Community

Call to Action:
An Excerpt from Head of School Sarah Shulkind’s
April 2015 State of the School Address

“With my eye to the future, there is one overarching challenge that faces Sinai Akiba and the Jewish community as a whole: making sure that our School remains accessible to every Jewish family that wants their children to have a Jewish education… This generation of parents at Sinai Akiba, my generation, lives in an America where the Jewish community has achieved unparalleled financial, political, and social success. We are wealthier and more influential than at any other time in our nation’s history… But we have not built our Jewish day schools to last. We have not given enough to ensure that Jewish day schools will be here for our great-grandchildren.”

Call to Action:
Sinai Akiba Academy’s 2015 Strategic
Financial Plan

The number one priority listed in the Board’s strategic financial plan is to increase total endowment to $40 million by June 30, 2021. The board recognized that affordability and accessibility continue to challenge enrollment as tuitions rise and incomes remain flat. The interest from a $40 million endowment would almost completely fund the tuition assistance budget thereby freeing up funds to invest in new facility enhancements and continued program growth.

Answering the Call

Alice and Nahum Lainer’s transformational gift

Alice and Nahum Lainer are longtime leaders and visionaries who understand the vital importance of ensuring the permanence of exceptional Jewish day schools like Sinai Akiba Academy. Their momentous endowment gift will ensure that more Jewish families have access to the exceptional education Sinai Akiba provides AND it will ensure that Sinai Akiba can substantially invest in growing our faculty, our programs, and our facilities. The Alice and Nahum Lainer Family Foundation gift will provide further financial stability and flexibility to meet the challenges and opportunities in the near and distant future.

Sinai Akiba Academy and the Landscape of Jewish Education

Sinai Akiba is proud to join only a handful of Jewish day schools to receive a naming gift of this magnitude. The Alice and Nahum Lainer Family Foundation’s contribution is among the largest donations ever bestowed to education, and it is one of the single largest gifts to an independent early childhood center, elementary or middle school in all of Los Angeles.

With this passage comes our continued commitment to serve our students, our community, our nation, and to ensure that our Jewish values continue from generation to generation.

With this gift, students for generations to come will continuously forge a Jewish identity that connects them to Judaism’s enduring traditions and shared history, while ensuring that they claim and enact the auspicious future of the Jewish people.

This gift officially launches Sinai Akiba Academy’s 50th Anniversary campaign through which we will fund tuition assistance, enhance our facilities, and grow our educational programming. As we approach the anniversary, now is the time for many more to stand with Alice and Nahum and invest in our School.


An Exceptional School

Sinai Akiba Academy, one of the first Jewish day schools in Los Angeles, has a proud history of educating children for nearly 50 years. From our Parenting Center to our Early Childhood Center to our Lower School and all the way through our Middle School, Sinai Akiba strives to reach, stretch, and ignite our students’ minds, hearts, and souls. We nurture passionate learners who will lead the way in the Jewish community and in the world. We embrace the awesome responsibility of serving as a leader in education, as a visionary, innovative place grounded in educational research and rooted in our tradition.

At a Glance
Our Faculty
Our Students
Our Leadership Our Facilities
Our Tuition
Our Community: We’re here for your children, we’re also here for you

Numbers are important, but the most important aspect of Sinai Akiba Academy cannot be quantified: community. Whether you are already part of our community or learning about us for the first time, all the statistics in the world could never represent the warmth and ruach of our School. Whether bonding at campfires at the annual Sinai family shabbaton, participating in community service projects, or enjoying drinks and music at our annual cocktail party, we take pride in the multitude of events that mark our calendars each year and bring us closer as a community.

A transformational investment
in the Jewish future
What’s Next for Sinai Akiba Academy

Sinai Akiba’s mission is as much about the future as it is about the present. The Alice and Nahum Lainer naming gift is a major milestone, and it is the Lainers’ hope that this gift will inspire others to join in securing the School’s future.

This gift officially launches our 50th Anniversary campaign through which we will fund tuition assistance, expand our facilities, and grow our educational programming. Now is the time for many more to stand with Alice and Nahum and invest in our School.

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